Tim Anderson — CEO

Tim has spent a lifetime as a serial entrepreneur and marketing specialist. He started his first business at age 19. Prior to joining Empowered, Tim managed and created campaigns for international and local businesses including Hawaiian Airlines, Coors and Miller Light. He served for three years as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Investor’s Home Loans – a national mortgage brokerage firm. Prior to this Tim founded several successful companies in the financial and marketing sectors.

Dr. Jose Torre-Bueno Ph.D. — CTO, VP of R&D

Dr. Jose Torre-Bueno received a Ph.D. in physiology from Rockefeller University, specializing in energy metabolism and heat transfer. He founded, managed, and eventually sold AmericanInnovision, a medical instrument company that developed the first color image analyzer inbiomedicine. He has been the Chief Technical Officer and the Chief Information Officer of Clarient, a leading developer of cancer diagnostics, and has managed the technical and IP aspects of several merger and acquisition deals for Clarient. About one-third of all breast cancer cases in the U.S. arediagnosed using algorithms he developed.

Dr. Torre-Bueno is a prolific inventor with over 40 issued and pending patents. One of these is Energy Optima©, the pending patent on using advanced mathematics from the biomedical fieldto optimize the energy improvements to a building, which is the core of Empowered’s proprietary technology. Dr. Torre-Bueno has also designed and built two advanced sustainable homesfor himself.

Ted Torre-Bueno — President

Ted Torre-Bueno has worked his entire professional career as a contractor, building diagnostician, energy auditor, or manager in time-critical project management applications such as running film sets or technology development projects. He is an industry representative at the Residential Retrofit Advisory Committee at California Center for Sustainable Energy, as well as on the finance subcommittee, and an advisory board member of the US Green Chamber of Commerce.

He is a frequent and popular guest lecturer at local colleges that are increasingly offering courses in green building, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Ted is an adjunct professor of Sustainability at Mira Costa Community college and teaches several sections in the Green Building course for working professionals.

Alan Lee Schmidt — Vice President/Responsible Managing Officer

Alan Lee Schmidt provides the General Building Contractors license for EES as the Responsible Managing Officer and is a Vice President.

Alan became a licensed General Contractor in 1978 and established his firm, Distinctive Builders, with the goal of advancing environmentally sustainable building practices.  Over the years he has built geodesic domes, custom homes, straw bale homes, churches, offices buildings and the Begole Archaeological Research Center (BARC) in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park.  The BARC incorporates passive design and is solar powered with super insulated with straw bale walls. This is the first of its kind on State Park land.

In the Mid 1990’s, Alan began collaborating with Jose Torre Bueno to build uniquely designed energy efficient homes. This collaboration, which included Ted Torre Bueno, led to the founding of EESI in 2009. EESI’s goal is to provide energy efficiency along with solar electricity to the residential and commercial marketplace.

Alan has a degree in Philosophy from Stanford University (BA 1967) and studied economics as a graduate student at UC Riverside (1993-4).  Prior to becoming a contractor, he was a high school teacher who spent his summers employed as a carpenter.

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